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I hope you all had a great week and are soaking up what’s left of this day. It’s funny how we all became football fans for a month and I am sure y’all getting geared up to see the Euro finals! Are you #teamengland or #teamitaly? I am #teamwhoever wins ha!

Today we will be talking about feel good work out and finish with the #womanowned Business shout out of the week.

But first, to help you start this week with a positive mindset, I invite you to do this little exercise before bedtime;

  • Reflect on your achievements from the past week,
  • List 5 things you are grateful for,
  • Set your intentions for the upcoming week,
  • Take a deep breath in, then while breathing out through the mouth, say one thing that will set the tone for the week; it can be ; I am worthy, I am enough, I can do this.

I can promise you this will help put your warrior mode on.


Feel Good Work-Out

This month announced the reopening of gyms and many of y’all fit babes out there have been waiting for this. Now, I know not everyone can afford a gym or a personal trainer or even has the time for it. Buuut, like we know your body is your temple, you need to take care of it. Sometimes, it’s just about finding 30 minutes in your day and be consistent; call it your me time (again) Everybody is different, some people are more into cardio/ lifting/ swimming, it’s about finding what works for you and what you are excited to do. When it comes to me, I need something low maintenance something I can do from my bedroom, this is where came my new found love for Yoga.


During the first lockdown of 2020, I got sick of running up and down the stairs of my building so I got to start with the 30-day yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. This was my new daily routine as soon as I would hop out of bed I would get onto the mat and flow with her. Now, some people might think this is not a workout, but I can tell you that a year later there are still so many postures I can’t do.


However, what I find beautiful about this practice is learning how to connect with yourself and the present moment while connecting to your body. Every breath is connected to a movement. There is often a misconception about yoga that it is lazy, too easy, boring, or that you need to be flexible but it is a very wholesome activity that involves movement, meditation, and breathing techniques that promotes mental and physical well-being.


I highly recommend you to give it a try, every morning or afternoon take 30 minutes to an hour and let yourself be immersed into this beautiful world. I know I might be too ghetto to sound that spiritual but, hey my daily affirmation is: I’m a full package.

For those like me who want a feel-good work out from home here’s the link to start your 30-day yoga with Adriene click here

This girl is a whole vibe I swear! She guides you through it while making you laugh at times, feel free to give me your feedback in the comment section.


Now for those who feel the need for a more personalized practice with an instructor Dalysha Doorga is your woman.  I have been following her evolution and her yoga journey on the gram and I can tell you that she is impressive. She is a former Miss Mauritius, super mom and absolute bombshell.

You can contact Dalysha for some private yoga classes or find her every Thursday 5.30 pm at The Creative Park of Beau Plan. While I love to practice in the comfort of my home, I find having an instructor more beneficial as she can correct my postures and deepen my stretch.

Dalysha’s daily feel-good routine is lemon water and coffee followed by her Yoga practice.

Here’s the link to her IG


#WomenOwned Business Shout Out

 This week’s shout out goes toooo:  Booksoeurs!

Yes, I’ve been a loyal customer with them for the last two years and as I promised to give only honest reviews on this blog so you can trust me!

Little story time; Claudia and Gwendoline used to be colleagues sharing the same passion for books and stationeries and from this, occurred their idea to create an Online Stationery Boutique.

In her very own words, Claudia describes Booksoeurs as:

A crazy AMBITION transformed into a FUSION of two “Booksoeurs” to share our PASSION with other stationery addicts like us. We are a “one stop shop” for your original stationery and gift ideas BUT we don’t just sell products! We offer positivity, a better lifestyle, more style to be on top of your game with unique, fun, unusual, attractive products, diaries and notebooks to adopt good habits and be more organized. Come and discover our products made with love by our team of TALENTED and CREATIVE ARTISANS by contributing to our small business yet big dream”

I have this thing for motivational quotes and personalized everything, mugs, diaries, tote bags and Booksoeurs combines both. I love everything that shines and stands out this is why this is my go-to address for original gift ideas and stationeries.


My personal favorite is their super cool yearly diary that you can customize on order.

It definitely helped me be more organized and has little quotes that always cheer me up on the bad days. I got so many people asking me where I got my diary and to be honest, I love having my logo presented on it. The quality is amazing and like everything they have available, it is great value for money!

They will be coming with very cool diaries next year, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your brand and grab your unique super trendy agenda.


Customer service wise, it is hands down a 10/10, great energy, responsive and you can feel the smile behind every message. These women clearly love what they are doing and though is it a side hustle, they still aim at giving their best by responding to orders on time.


You can find Booksoeurs on Instagram and Facebook.






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I am beyond excited to share what I’ve been working on with you!


Don’t forget to drop me your feedback and comments are most welcome.


Keep shining


Clo xxx




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